Microrelats de confinament dels alumnes d'Anglès de la Facultat d'Educació

Al principi del confinament, el professor d’Anglès de la UIB Juanjo Bermúdez de Castro va proposar, al seu alumnat de primer d’Educació Primària, organitzar un concurs de microrelats. Els textos havien de tenir una extensió màxima de cent paraules, estar escrits en anglès i havien de versar sobre la situació que començàvem a viure: la lluita i la superació de la COVID-19.

Els alumnes varen respondre i, en total, lliuraren vuitanta microrelats a l’adreça de correu electrònic que el professor havia creat especialment per al concurs: <>. D’entre tots, quatre han estat elegits com els millors i més originals. El premi serà un abonament per comprar llibres a la Llibreria Campus, amb el suport del Servei d’Activitats Culturals de la UIB.

Les tres alumnes premiades, l’alumne premiat i els seus quatre microrelats són:

Eight O’clock, by Marina Onieva. First Award. Winner Group 1       

«Applaud, applaud and applaud. Everyday at the same moment we go out to the balcony and we share our thanks to those who fight to get this situation over soon. They are the ones who spend hours and hours without sleep so another patient gets to win the battle. All they ask for is empathy and solidarity. For the professionals, for our elders, for us. We must stay at home. We will get out of this. Eight o’clock used to be a random hour. Now it is the hour».

Solidary Masks, by María Centro. Second Award. Finalist Group 1

«During the COVID-19, there was a family where one of the daughters was a nurse in an old people’s home. Their parents were very worried about her daughter because she was exposed to the virus all the time. Her father worked at home in a fabric workshop that had a lot of machines. So one day, he had the idea to make masks to distribute them around her daughter's residence for free. So for a long time he was locked in the workshop making masks and handing them out. Finally, all the people who were in the residence thanked him for everything he did».

Coronavirus, by Marc Morell. First Award. Winner Group 3  

«Can we stop it?

Of course, we can

Really beat it

only following this plan

never go out

as long as you don’t go around

vs it will be a knockout

in the middle of the first round.

Remember big problem although it’s small

use hand sanitizer or we’ll fall

simple, do it for you and do it for all».

Stay at Home, by Noelia Calzado. Second Award. Finalist Group 3       

«Sir, you must stay at home— that policeman yelled at me, I should be empathic, he needed to go home too. I took my stuff and continue walking until an old woman stopped me and say that I was a bad civilian. I remained wandering on the streets, no matter if it was raining or cold because I was used to it. Every time I bumped into someone they just stared at me, judging and whispering things; but I was used to it too. Everyone must be at home right now, I would too if only I had one».

Podeu llegir tots els microrelats al web del SAC.

Data de l'esdeveniment: 27/05/2020

Data de publicació: 27/05/2020